Dear editor,

Congressman Tom Tiffany recently refused to join 458 (88 percent) of all U.S. House and Senate members in supporting the Hate Crimes Act.

He claims the bill is divisive and, despite its overwhelming bipartisan support, suggests it uses an issue to “score partisan political points.”

This argument against politicizing issues comes from a congressman who recently falsely stated that the publicly popular red flag gun laws are part of the Biden administration’s “long-term installment plan to totally undermine the individual right of Americans to keep and bear arms.”

On the issue of immigrantion which calls for serious thoughtful bi-partisan discussion, he falsely claims that illegal immigration “will soon be overwhelming the schools, health care systems and social safety net in our own communities as illegal aliens fan out across the country.”

These statements along with others in his newsletters seem in evident contradiction between Congressman Tiffany’s reason for voting against the Hate Crimes Act and his persistent politicizing of important issues facing our country.

Jean Fisher of Wausau

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