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Dear editor,

Many ask, why the Community for All resolution is so important. They state it does not change anything, that it is just a piece of paper. 

I thought I would explain to you, why we have been continuing to fight to get the resolution passed!

The reason is that systemic and institutionalized oppression is subtle and covert. It is built into the fabric of institutions that are intended to keep people safe. Institutions that are designed to assist people with attaining their goals and enhancing their quality of life. Contributing to folks being healthy and safe in Marathon County. Systems that none of us created, but we are all responsible for dismantling. 

Individuals are accountable for their personal well-being. Just as leaders of community’s are responsible for deconstructing unjust systems. For marginalized populations, it is not just as simple as saying make better choices. 

Unconscious biases and the need for some to maintain the status quo allow for disparities in institutions such as education, housing, healthcare, employment, and the criminal justice system. Marathon County is not an anomaly to this national crisis. But Marathon County can be a leader in instituting change. Marathon County can step outside of the status quo and unequivocally affirm its commitment to marginalized populations by saying, we see you, we hear you, we recognize our imperfect union, but we are committed to doing better.

Doing so informs marginalized communities that they are not alone; they are valued, accepted, and welcomed as a part of this community.

I have heard many quote Dr. MLK I have a dream speech.  I also have the same dream.  I believe passing the amended version of resolution B, that we as a community can finally start manifesting that Dream.

LaTanya Campbell, Wausau