The Man of Honor Society gives away hundreds of hams each year to veterans and military personnel. (Photo courtesy Deb Zahurones.)

WAUSAU – The Man of Honor Society will hold its 13th annual ham giveaway Dec. 11 at Marathon Park in Wausau as a means to support the county’s veterans and active military personnel.

The event will begin at 9 a.m. on the midway at Marathon Park, 1201 Stewart Ave. This year the East entrance, (Garfield Street) will be the only entrance to the event. Like last year, recipients will be asked to drive through to pick up their ham. There will be a check point for proper I.D., such as DD Form 214, Current I.D. from military, or current VA I.D. card., and then each recipient can proceed to pick up his or her ham while in their vehicle. Recipients must be present to receive their ham; no exceptions.

Hams are typically distributed in 45 minutes.

Volunteers will take COVID guidelines into consideration to make this event a success.

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