Dear editor,

The Day of Thanksgiving is now behind us.  No doubt about it, this is a time of holidays.  Members of the Jewish Faith celebrated the Festival of Hanukkah.  Many are now looking ahead to the celebration of Christmas and the festivities of New Year’s Eve.

In the midst of all this, it appears little attention has been given to a day which has had far-ranging implications for the future of this country.  Soon after we enter the new year, we come once again to another Jan. 6.  It was on Jan. 6 of this year that far-right extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol with the intent of overturning the lawful election of Joseph Biden as president.  In the process they trashed the Capitol building, which is at the heart of our democracy.

We will look at this day from different perspectives.  It is evident there are those who have downplayed or dismissed the significance of Jan. 6.  For myself, I consider Jan. 6 an event on par with Sept. 11. The difference between the two is that the attack on the United States on Sept. 11 was from outside our country but on Jan. 6 it came from within its borders.  Both attacks posed great threats to our country.  Our democracy was shaken in both instances, but did not fall.

I believe Jan. 6 should be designated as a National Day of Remembrance. It can provide an opportunity for Americans to reflect on what could have happened on Capitol Hill that day.  It also can provide us an opportunity to recommit ourselves to the principles and institutions upon which this country stands.  It is vital for us to take seriously any hostile threats to undermine our democratic form of government and to resist any attempt to take it over by force.  What has been unthinkable for us as Americans may take place.  Let us be vigilant and ready.

I am deeply concerned about what lies ahead for us as a nation.  What do you think?

Bill Schruba of Wausau

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