Wausau Pilot & Review

Editor’s note: This information was provided by Aspirus Health. All photos courtesy of Aspirus.

Joe and Luke Heindel. Photo courtesy of Aspirus Health

Many people would consider themselves fortunate to have one career where they can say that they made a difference.

Two Aspirus employees can say they’ve done that twice in one lifetime.

Luke and Joe Heindel are both retired police officers. Today, they’re working at Aspirus as couriers.

Luke joined the team about five years ago and Joe stated in October 2021.

“I saw what my big brother was doing as a kid and that led me into law enforcement,” says. Joe. “Once again, my brother gave me a lead on a job and now I’m here.”

Aspirus couriers play in integral part for the health care system delivering everything from computers to lab samples from one Aspirus business unit to the other.

“It’s similar to driving around in a squad car,” says Joe. “You drive around and do your job. That’s what led me into it.”

In fact, there are eight retired police officers on the Aspirus courier team.

“In law enforcement, everyday you’re out making a difference, says Luke. “I feel I do the same as a courier. Nobody is getting their labs processed if I don’t do my job and bring samples back to the lab.”

Both Luke and Joe are used to a high level of responsibility while often working alone.

“It’s not a serious as law enforcement, but we all have one common goal, says Joe. “And I think because of that we all have each other’s back.”

As couriers, they are needed to deliver items in a timely manner, but the flexibility and variety of routes makes the job enjoyable.

“My stress level went down from about a ten to a two when I switched careers,” says Luke. “

Anyone interested in a courier position with Aspirus can learn more about any openings on the Aspirus website