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Dear editor,

As we watch the brave men and women in Ukraine fighting for democracy, we may be reflecting more deeply on our own democracy, its ideals and values. On April 5 we are able to act on one of these values, the right to vote. Along with this right is the responsibility to decide which candidates will represent us with knowledge, experience and a serious regard for all people in our districts.

Given these markers, one candidate who stands out is Gary Gisselman who is running for county board supervisor in district 5. Mr. Gisselman has lived in the same modest house on Park Avenue since birth. He maintains close contact with his neighbors, enjoying twice weekly social gatherings and extending help when needed. As a longtime librarian at the Marathon County Historical Society, he has broad knowledge of his district’s and county’s past and present. Serving on the Marathon County Board for 8 years has given him an even broader picture of the county’s needs and future promise.

These qualifications are in stark contrast to his opponent who according to public records is a relative newcomer to the district. These records also indicate his workplaces, past and present, have been outside Marathon County.

In the district 5 county supervisor contest, it is clearly evident that a lifelong civic minded resident is the right choice.

Jean Fisher, Wausau