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To the residents of Marathon County District 17:

As a business owner and long time resident of Marathon County District 17, I have a keen interest in the wellbeing of this community.  At a time when our residents and businesses face an avalanche of economic challenges, we need the people making decisions for the county to focus on the initiatives that will ensure a prosperous future.  I recently had the opportunity to chat with the incumbent running for County Board Supervisor in District 17, and can say confidently that she is the right person for this job.  I strongly encourage the district’s residents to cast their vote for Jennifer Aarrestad.  

Jennifer is firmly grounded in the area, having lived in Rothschild for 30 years, and has been married to a now retired high school band director for 42 years.  As manager of the Optical Department of the Eye Clinic of Wisconsin for 10 years, Jennifer has demonstrated her ability to lead a team, manage a budget, and work within a larger organization to achieve common goals.

During our conversation, I was impressed by Jennifer’s considered and impartial approach to the Community for All resolution.  She replaced E J Stark part way through his term and began her tenure with the County Board at the height of this debate.  Jennifer explained to me that she found the concept of a Community for All quite beautiful, and that she firmly believes everyone, regardless of their differences, should be welcomed, celebrated and supported.  Being new to the conversation, she carefully studied the resolution, listened to the arguments on both sides, and concluded that a resolution that had divided the community so sharply, was unnecessary.  Instead, she felt the board should focus on the business of creating a prosperous and thriving community that ensures opportunity for each and every constituent.

Jennifer’s honest, pragmatic and optimistic approach to the issues facing the county makes her ideally suited for a continued position on the County Board.  In our conversation, I saw someone who is very excited about digging in and learning about the issues facing Marathon County, and working hard to make a positive impact.  She is particularly concerned that the county utilize their ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) wisely, and that these funds benefit those who were adversely affected by COVID, such as school children and first responders.  Jennifer’s priorities also include expansion of broadband to ensure that rural residents have equal opportunity to access the benefits of the internet, and developing deeper connections between municipalities and the county board.

The motto of the United States is E pluribus unum – From many, one.  Jennifer envisions a place where the County Board of Supervisors and the citizens of the community come together to achieve a collaborative common outcome that lifts us all up.

Please join me in voting for Jennifer Aarrestad for Marathon County Supervisor for District 17.


Debbie Flood, Wausau