Wausau Pilot & Review

Wausau’s Dist. 1 will be represented on the City Council by Carol Lukens, after a recount showed unchanged results for the 2022 Spring Election.

Lukens received 471 votes, followed by 469 votes for John Kroll. The recount was held Thursday at City Hall.

Kroll has five business days to appeal the  recount determination in circuit court. No certificate of election will be issued until the  deadline for filing all appeals has passed and the election results are final, a Wausau news release said. 

Two incidents were found and noted when conducting the recount, said City Clerk Kaitlyn Bernarde. A voter number sticker was placed in one poll book next to the name below the  correct voter; all voter numbers were reconciled for each poll book. In addition, a Ward 2 ballot was remade on a Ward 1 ballot. All contests on the ballot and the  proper coding were transposed correctly on the remade ballot, Bernarde said. 

Minutes of the recount and certification of each City of Wausau Alder will be  posted on the City of Wausau website.