Dear editor,

Two recent articles in the local press were troubling because they contained implications of threats to the public order, without any detail that would allow readers to evaluate the threats.

In one case, our local election process was called into question when the article quoted a source who said “several individuals, including election inspectors, observers, candidates and voters, have reported potential irregularities.”  

Voter information was being requested to “clear up any questions regarding the integrity of the vote in Wausau.”

While local election officials debunked those claims in a subsequent article, readers of the first story might well have the opinion that something is or was wrong with our elections.

In the second news story, it was reported that “sensitive content” had been removed from Wausau school books, and that some members of the Wausau School Board had “expressed concerns about books on subjects involving race and relationships.”

These were vague enough references to cause one reader to write a letter to the editor criticizing book censorship.

Readers have a right to ask, “What were the irregularities? What was the sensitive content?”

That’s not to say the concerns were unfounded. It’s that they are unspecified.

Jim Force of Wausau

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