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Dear editor,

Brent Jacobson, candidate for Sate of Wisconsin Senate, is wise.  He graduated with honors in college and was nearly at the top of his class in law school.  He brought that sensibility and wisdom back home to central Wisconsin and currently practices law, succeeded in becoming Mayor of the City of Mosinee, and has been working to place his conservative values and principles into the governance of Marathon County as well. We need Brent to represent us in Madison! 

As county supervisor, he fought against wasteful spending, spoke out against efforts to lower penalties for drug offenses, and demanded the end of useless policymaking committees staffed with appointees who were unaccountable. In the City of Mosinee, he has kept property taxes in check, fought to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars for his taxpayers from the Department of Revenue, expanded the Wisconsin Business Park, and is helping to transform the downtown business district to a vital, active, attractive, engaged community. 

In Madison, he will do many things we need today–especially restoring integrity, trust and confidence in our system and in our elections, demanding school choice, defending the sanctity of life, eliminating fraud and abuse in the unemployment insurance system, to name a few. 

Let’s all get behind our proven candidate, Brent Jacobson!  He’s exactly who we need to fill Jerry Petrowski’s current seat in the State Senate in Madison!

Betty L. Dotseth

Town of Rib Mountain