Damakant Jayshi

Wausau’s Water Commission will begin submitting quarterly reports to the City Council, assurances made after some city leaders called for the dissolution of the body itself.

The structure of the Commission was discussed Monday during a meeting of the city’s controversial Executive Committee, which is garnering debate about its role and rationale. During Monday’s meeting, Mayor Katie Rosenberg said she will ensure the reports are issued.

“…the reason this is on the agenda is that we heard quite a bit of discussion about the utility commission,” Rosenberg said.

She said the discussion presented a good opportunity for the Executive Committee to discuss what they expect of the utility commission and how they can work better together. Some city leaders and residents are unhappy at the commission’s recent recommendation to accept a water rate increase of 65% as suggested by a financial consultant, Ehlers.

Last month, some members criticized the Commission and questioned why it exists. The WWW Commission is chaired by Mayor Rosenberg and has Alder Dawn Herbst as the member representing the City Council. The remaining three citizen members are appointed by the mayor and approved by the council.

City Attorney Anne Jacobson said the commission does not have any independent grant of authority but exercises authority under the supervision of the city as certain powers and duties have been granted to it.

No formal decision has been made on its fate.