By Shereen Siewert

The following are the latest results of Marathon County Health Department inspections on licensed restaurants and other types of businesses:


  • Chellis St. Pub, 265 Chellis St., Wausau. Routine inspection Jan. 25, 2023: One violation: Cavity of microwave is soiled.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, 222 Stewart Ave., Wausau. Jan. 25, 2023: One violation: Tiles have come loose from the floor in front of the food prep sink and the drain in front of the fryers.
  • Loppnow’s Bar, 1502 N. Third St., Wausau. Jan. 25, 2023: Two violations: No test kit is available for monitoring sanitizer concentration; Handwashing sink behind bar is not non-hand operated.
  • North End Pub: 1002 N. Third Ave., Wausau. Jan. 18, 2023: Two violations: Bleach spray bottle is extremely strong; Working containers of bleach water not labeled with common name of product.

Rib Mountain

  • El Tequila Salsa, 151522 County Road NN Suite 103, Wausau. Jan. 5, 2023: Five violations: Pico de gallo and guacamole in the SABA Reach-in Cooler is cold held at 43.9°F; Shredded beef (TG Beef) in the Walk-in Cooler has exceeded its date mark – stainless pans were dated 12/29, while this food item’s last day for service would have been 1/4; The Person in Charge (PIC) is not monitoring the food temperatures for foods during cold holding. Foods in the SABA Reach-in Cooler were above 41F; The SABA Reach-In Cooler is not sufficient in capacity to hold foods at temperatures below 41F; Prep Cooler is not equipped with an integral thermometer.
  • Granite Peak Ski Area, 227200 Snowbird Ave., Wausau. Jan. 13, 2023: Nine violations: Backflow preventers were not installed at mop sink faucets; Sani-Tabs, quat sanitizer, is not being used according to manufacturer’s use directions; The Person in Charge (PIC) is not monitoring proper sanitization concentrations and techniques in the food establishment – Sanitizer solutions in wipe buckets were either over or under the concentration required for sanitizing food contact surfaces; Bin of sugar, behind the soup kettles in the Sundance Chalet, is stored in an unlabeled container; Beer battered onion rings, pretzel buns, and straight cut fries were stored on the floor of the walk-in freezer in the Sundance Chalet; Prep Tables in the Historic Chalet are missing their integrated thermometers; There is no service sink provided in the Historic Chalet; The floor of the walk-in cooker in the Sundance Chalet is buckling and the ramp leading into the cooler is not in good repair and therefore neither are easily cleanable; Mops stored in the Sundance Chalet are not hung to dry between use.
  • Subway, 2409 N. Mountain Road, Wausau. Jan. 19, 2023: One violation: The current food protection manager’s certificate is not posted in the food establishment.

Marathon County

  • Home Bar & Grill, 115 W. Redwood St., Edgar. Jan. 3, 2023: No violations.
  • Jerkwater Supper Club, 107760 County Road A, Dorchester. Jan. 19, 2023: Three violations: There is no approved or current certified food manager for this establishment; Female bathroom is not provided with a covered waste receptacle; The urinal in the men’s bathroom is not functional.
  • Relocation Pub & Eatery, 1801 County Road XX, Mosinee. Jan. 17, 2023: Two violations: Regular cut fries, beef patties, and frozen fish is stored on the floor in the walk-in freezer; An irreversible registering thermometer is not provided for measuring utensil surface temperatures in the bar high-temp dishwasher.
  • Subway, 212400 State Hwy. 97, Stratford. Jan. 26, 2023: No violations.