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Dear editor,

Could this be a case of “what goes around comes around?”  A certain “segment” of our society, that celebrated as streets and schools were renamed, that cheered as statues tumbled, that took every opportunity to find fault with the “Greats” that preceded us, now screams in horror when one of their own and the tradition he fostered, has been canceled. The same fate now befalls the memory and wishes of Robert Monk III and the Monk Botanical Gardens, — a new name and new fees! 

This “segment” of society has always been comfortable when it was a conservative name being removed or traditional wishes being disrespected, so it is a bit tempting to say “what goes around, comes around.” But is this a simple renaming for the “marketing” reasons proposed, or is there a deeper ideological purpose to be achieved with this action? Does the renaming of Monk Botanical Gardens to “Wausau Botanic Gardens” represent a deliberate psychological break with the past?

I think the statement issued by Executive Director Darcie Howard tells us all we need to know. “We have evolved from a personal asset to an incredible community asset, and our new name reflects that journey,” she wrote. “A name change is in the best interest of the organization and the community we serve so that our roots will continue to deepen as a community asset.”

Let me interpret her comments for those who don’t speak Marxist. “Fellow liberals and progressives, many thanks for trashing conservative institutions, defaming its past leaders, and appropriately renaming their buildings, but in our religious war we can only worship one god and that is the state! Sometimes that means sacrificing one of our own.  You understand, don’t you? We appreciate all that Mr. Monk, his family and of course you comrades, have done to date, but it is time to “evolve” and recognize that a “community asset” can no longer have an individual person’s name on it.”

Now it’s quite possible that the “Babylon Bee” virus has gotten hold of me again!  Sorry, it sometimes happens when I write in these pages, but rest assured, this observer (whose family understands a bit about Marxism) will refrain from saying to that segment of society “what goes around, comes around!” 

 I will though ask this; did you honestly think that the movement would spare your heroes or what you value? 

Orlando Alfonso, Wausau