WAUSAU — The scene on Thursday at Primrose Retirement Community in Wausau might have looked a little silly, but the mission behind the fun was a serious one.

A resident at Primrose in Wausau wears a red nose on May 25, 2017 in support of programs that target childhood poverty.

At lunchtime, the entire staff and residential community at Primrose donned red noses in support of Red Nose Day, an annual event that aims to end child poverty by raising money and awareness for children around the world. Representatives from Walgreens, the retailer selling the red noses, joined residents for a meal and conversation to thank them for their support.

Walgreens will donate 50 cents for each nose purchased before June 3 to Comic Relief Inc.’s Red Nose Day Fund.

Comic Relief, the charity behind Red Nose Day, was launched on Christmas Day in 1985 by movie writer/director Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral) with a live broadcast from a refugee camp in Sudan. It was created out of the firm belief that the power of mass media and high-profile celebrities can raise awareness on issues of poverty and save millions of lives, according to the founder’s website. Since 2015 alone, more than $60 million has been raised through the effort.

The Red Nose Day Fund provides grants annually to charities who demonstrate they are doing work in the US and overseas to help end child poverty.