Editor’s note: This letter to the editor responds to a letter by Marathon County Board Supervisor Bill Miller. View Miller’s letter here.

Dear editor,

After reading a recent letter written by a county board member, I must reply. You clearly state you feel Pride Month has been forced on you. How dare you inflict your beliefs on us!

I want to live in a community that supports diversity. Diversity makes us grow. It sickens me to see the fear mongering that it projected when you say that Pride Month “is a dangerous attempt to influence people’s mindset.” This is absurd! How dare you insult our intelligence. How dare you suggest censoring our textbooks and teachings to reflect your fears and narrow mindedness.

Why do I accuse you of this? You see, I called you. I attempted to have a conversation with you on this subject. I was not hostile toward you.  It is your job to listen to your constituents. You may not always agree; but you blatantly refused to even listen. You refused to even let me finish a sentence before you yelled NO, NO, NO, NO. You had no trouble pushing your views on me!

So just stop with the what ifs, embrace what is around you. You might learn something new. In the words of Eldridge Cleaver, “Are you going to be the problem? Or are you going to be the solution?”

Nancy Tabaka Stencil

Rib Mountain

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