By Shereen Siewert

UPDATE: 11:48 a.m. Wednesday:

A Mosinee man reported missing this week by family members has been found safe, according to the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department.

Bryan D. Whitman, 47, was found by deputies Wednesday at a boat landing in the town of Green Valley. He is being transported by a deputy back to his home.

“The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office appreciates citizens reporting their sightings of Mr. Whitman in a timely manner which has resulted in a successful outcome for this investigation and search,” the department wrote, in a Facebook post.

See our earlier reporting, below.

Sheriff’s officials say they have no information indicating that a Mosinee man reported missing by a family member is in any danger or distress, based on reports by eye witnesses.

Bryan D. Whitman, 47, was seen at about 10 a.m. Monday riding his bicycle from his home immediately south of Nine Mile Recreation area. Later, information surfaced that he was bicycling at about 1 p.m. on Burma Road east of Hwy. 107.

Further reports of sightings placed Whitman in locations on County Hwy. C in the town of Day, town of Bergen and potentially Green Valley. Marathon County Sheriff’s officials say those reports have been similar in their description of Whitman and his bicycle. Whitman did not flag down or alert passing motorists for assistance in any of the reports, authorities said.

As of early Wednesday the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department has not made contact with Whitman, who does not have a cell phone with him.

Anyone who spots Whitman is urged to call the Marathon County Sheriff’s Department at 715-261-1200 and note the time of sighting, location and direction of travel to allow deputies to contact the man and verify whether assistance is needed.

At this time authorities are not requesting any search resource assistance from the public.

“The Marathon County Sheriff’s Office always appreciates offers from citizens to assist us; however, based upon our investigation at this time we have no information that relates that Mr. Whitman is in any danger,” a department Facebook post reads.