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Dear Editor,

Failure to properly report campaign contributions is more than a violation of rules.  It goes to credibility and qualification for public office. 

A recent opponent, recognizing her reporting error pointed her finger elsewhere as the source of the failure which is entirely her responsibility.  Another opponent implied Monday quarterbacking was occurring by her critics regarding past votes she has made as a school board member. 

Such candidates have exhibited their lack of ownership for their decisions; personal accountability is what each voter deserves and expects from publicly elected officials.  As a mother with young children in the district, and therefore, someone with much more at stake by every vote the board makes, I assure each voter I will be transparent as I have during my campaign, and will consider the viewpoints of all voters in the district before making decisions.  I will work hard to ensure I take ownership, as I have in learning the key issues in the community by visiting every school in the district, attending every board meeting since announcing my candidacy, and knocking on countless doors throughout the district to speak in-person with numerous voters, including those who requested in-person meetings to get answers regarding school board issues that are most important to them. 

My voters can be confident in knowing what they will get from me as a board member, and the proof is the work I have done throughout my campaign, including recently collecting food and other donations for less fortunate children throughout our district. 

Thank you for the overwhelming responses of support I have received – I am truly humbled by all of you.

Joanna Reyes, Wausau School board Candidate